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About Us

Richard C. Hoffman formed BWE Firearms in early 2002. Richard started doing simple repairs at a young age. After graduating from high school Richard attended the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School where he received his Master Gunsmith Certificate. He then spent a few years working for some small shops, until he got a job at a major firearms manufacturer. Richard worked there during the 1990￿s. While working there Richard graduated from college with a Bachelors Degree in Business. He eventually decided to set up BWE Firearms. BWE Firearms is a full service custom gunsmith shop that specializes in NFA (Class 3 ) weapons. We can handle any job from basic repairs and refinishing to full custom weapons. BWE Firearms is a class 2 manufacturer so we can produce custom suppressors, SBS, SBRs, full autosor just about any other NFA item you can think of. We are constantly expanding our capabilities to better serve our customers. We have produced .22LR Gatling Guns. These guns are based on the Model 1903 Gatling. The Gatlings are a 10-barrel gun and not the 2-barrel Ruger 10/22 variety that is currently on the market.

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BWE Firearms
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