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Model 2003 Gatling Gun

Gatling gunGatling gun on Optional Carriage
Gatling gun on Tripod Gatling gun on Optional Carriage

Hexagon on BarrelsGatling gun Rear View
Hexagon on Barrels Gatling Gun Rear View


The Model 2003 Gatling Gun


*Based on the time proven Model 1903 Gatling Gun
*Chambered in .22 Long Rifle
*10 barrel design
*18" barrels, 26" overall length
*Gun, Short Tripod, and 220 round Drum magazines comes standard
*Artillery carriage available
*CNC machined
*Made in the USA
*Limited Lifetime Warranty
*High polish finish
*Last 2" of the barrel is hexagon like the original Gatlings.




Gatling gun tripod legsGatling gun Carriage
Long Tripod Leg (Top) Standard Tripod Leg (Bottom) Gatling gun Carriage

Gatling Gun MagazineMagazine Loading Tray
Gatling Gun Magazine Magazine Loading Tray



Retail Prices



Model 2003 Gatling gun in .22LR (includes Gatling gun, short tripod, & 220 round drum magazine) $17,500.00
Artillery Carriage $2500.00
220 Round Drum Magazine $150.00
Magazine Loading Tray $75.00
Tall Tripod Legs (raises the height of the tripod to 40" at the center of the trunnion $250.00

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