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Custom Suppressors

Our custom suppressors are designed to be taken apart to be cleaned. This allows you to shoot cast bullets threw our suppressors and not worry about lead build up. The outer tubes of our suppressors are made of carbon steel and blued or parkerized to match your gun. All our suppressors have an 11 degree target crown on the endcap.

The Mamba is our 22 rimfire suppressor. Like all our suppressors the outsides are made of carbon steel that are blued or parkerized to match your gun. The Mamba is 1 inch in diameter and 5.75 inches in length.

Python on Uzi
The Python is our dedicated Uzi suppressor. It is 1.9 inches in diameter and 12 inches over all length. It adds 8.5 inches to the overall lenth of you Uzi with a factory SMG barrel. The outer tube and endcaps are parkerized steel and the internals are an aluminium monolithic core. It is full auto rated."

M16 in 22LR338 Thumper

The Hawg with Suppressor

Custom Integrally Suppressed Ruger MKII Pistol

Custom Integrally Suppressed Savage 22

338 Thumper SBR
This is our 12" 338 THUMPER upper on an M16 lower



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