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Richard is a top notch professional gunsmith. Expect honesty, excellent work, his many years of knowledge and experience for honest recommendations, great turnaround time, and flexible hours. Richard can perform ￿any￿ gunsmith task a ￿rarity￿ in my 100+ mile area ￿ including bluing, wood work and restorations. Most gunsmiths tend to specialize or familiarize their work / craft with particular tasks Richard bar none is a master of all in his tenure, he can and does do all gunsmithing task - yes a full service gunsmith. I have and will continue to utilize Richard for all my gunsmith needs as well my friends if recommended.

Marcel D.

" Finding a good gunsmith has always been very difficult, if not impossible, fortunately I did. BWE Firearm, Richard Hoffman, has the knowledge, expertise and equipment to fix and repair all my weapons￿ need."

Austin B.

We have used Richard at BWE Firearms to do the gunsmithing work that we can not do in house for a while now and he always does a great job for us. Most recently Richard refinished a Colt National Match for us that had been allowed to sit and become badly rusted. When we got the gun back no one in the shop could believe it was the same gun! Thank you for the great work!

John - Owner
Oak Ridge Gun Range Orlando, FL

I've had Richard Hoffman owner of BWE perform magic on four of my firearms. One miracle was a total restoration on a 1911 that some idiot really messed up before I acquired it. You can't find a more qualified craftsman. When discussing your gunsmith needs be sure to listen to Richards recommendations. His refinishing is awsome and it never leaves his shop. I can't say enough good things, you will not be disappointed. Don't be lured by the cut rate shops prices you get what you pay for!

Alen N. (Central Florida)

Richard, just wanted thank you for the great service, it￿s not often you can find that kind of attention to detail for the money. I am a native to central florida and have been around firearms and the industry for a while, I know you can find a smith locally for less but I want to know my gun doesn￿t have to be sent out and two if need be he can make any modification or changes right on the spot. The XD45 never shot better my daughter will be elated with this Christmas present.

Gary B


Just a quick note to say thanks for the good work you did on fixing my SW5K build. I haven't had time to take it to the range myself yet, but our firearms staff had it out this past week and put it through the ropes. According to their range report, its shooting like a dream￿flawless and dead on target.

I am still surprised that Jayson who did the orginal build didn't figure out what was wrong. The fix you did worked and your price for the work was very fair. When I get around to doing my MSG-90 this next year, I hope you'll find room in your schedule for my build. After seeing how well you did on fixing this one, I can't wait to see how well you do with a full build from A-Z.

Best Regards,

Craig G.


Hi Rich,
Just want to let you know, that I fired about 150 rounds in both semi and full auto thru the gun,since you worked on it. The gun performed Flawlessly.
PS; I used Winchester " White Box" 9 mm ammo.
Take care,
Ray A.

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