This is a Micro Uzi we built for a customer. It started as an Uzi Pistol which we added the folding stock and bayonet lug, modified the fire control group, Changed the markings to "Micro Uzi", and fit his registered bolt. We also registered it as a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) so he could swap the semi auto bolt back in and still be legal. We then refinished the entire gun.

Uzi Repair

We have the facilities and the knowledge to handle any repairs that you need done on your Uzi no matter who made it. We have restored Uzi SMGs that have gone through house fires. We even repaired an Uzi that got run over by a truck. We have all the IMI specs and gauges to make sure your Uzi is perfect.

Here are some pictures of Uzis we have worked on. The Desert Sand Carbine is an Anniversary Carbine we built for which was then auctioned off to help support that site. Some were complete rebuilds while others were simple refinishing jobs. Every Uzi that comes in is gauged using IMI spec gauges to insure that they are in spec. From there we do any needed repairs and customization the customer requested. We then test fire each Uzi with 100 rounds and then start the refinishing process. We offer parkerized or parkerized and painted finishes.